"Let's stop Fabulous moments in time"


The special moment of true femininity is absolutely characteristic for Maddy Grace Oputa‘s photography. The portraits are more than images of beautiful women, her work is about capturing the complexity of an emotional state and the intimate relationship between photographer and model. She constantly strives to foster a dynamic that is relaxed, deep, and playful at the same time and it is an exciting journey to explore through her work. Her personal progression as an artist and photographer comes from the heart and soul of the people she captures and works with. Oputa passionately studied Photography as well as Media Design and International Management. Before her studies she gained countless experience modeling herself. Her aim to become a bigger part in the creation process led her behind the camera. She instinctively empathizes with her models and creates the perfect setting for a positive and creative energy on set that leads to fascinating images. 

“I love working with a team of individuals who all bring a part of their soul to the table, leading to the unexpected and the original. Today I have the opportunity to be creative on so many levels and to work with international professionals who enrich my perspective and skills. To me, a very big part of life is about new experiences and the little beauties that we encounter every day. Photography opens that door for me!”

Text by Masali Press Agency