About Me


"Let's stop moments in time and create memories and stories."


My goal is to show the grace, strength and energy of people and to catch the special moment of inner beauty and true femininity, complexity and emotional state of my models and ultimately myself. It’s an exciting challenge to explore it through photography.

The ideal image captures the convergence of light, moment, composition and personlaity. And when everything aligns, it’s just beautiful.
Picking up a camera gives me an opportunity to capture a specific vision and story to share with others.

I love working with a team of individuals who all bring a part of their sould to the table, which leads to the unexpected and the original. I always strive for to foster a dynamic that is both relaxed and inspiring.

I was born in Nigeria and raised in Germany.  After I finished school I traveled Brasil for over a year and capturing my story in pictures became a great passion to me.
But it didn't become my profession yet. I worked in the fashion industry for years in a management position and then decided to make a change!
I moved to Berlin, started a career as a model and got to see another exciting part of the fashion business.
I've always enjoyed it and appreciate the people I have the chance to work with, learn from and the places I am able to see.

But I wanted more...after working as a model for 8years I wanted another part in the process of creating images.
I felt the instant urge to go back to where I lost my heart. Capturing beautiful and precious moments!
My whole life I was addicted to wonderful magazines and pictures...which I got from my Mam ;) and I wanted to create something of it on my own.
So I started to study Photography & Mediadesign in Berlin.
Today I am 33 years old and have the possibility to work with creative souls, enjoy my profession and travel the world.
I love to collaborate with people who are also passionated about their work and I enjoy to tell a story through pictures with them and find a creative space for everyone involved to grow..

It is exciting to get to know new people and see them opening up in the creative process to capture the unique and natural personality of a person.
It is all about new experiences and the little beauties in life. And photography opens that door for me!