About Me


"Let's stop SPECIAL moments in time"


My goal is to show the grace, strength and energy of people and to catch that special moment of inner beauty, true femininity, complexity and emotional state of my models. I always strive to foster a dynamic that is both relaxed and inspiring and it’s an exciting challenge to explore it through photography.                                              

I love working with a team of individuals who all bring a part of their soul to the table, leading to the unexpected and the original. Today I have the opportunity to be creative on so many levels and to work with international professionals who enrich my perspective and skills.  

I studied International Management as well as Media Design and Photography with a lot of passion and it is a blessing to combine everything I have learned and experienced in my daily business.  

After working as a model for 8years I wanted another part in the process of creating images.
My whole life I was addicted to wonderful magazines and pictures...which I got from my Mam ;) and I wanted to create something of it on my own.
Today I am 33 years old and have the possibility to work with creative and beautiful souls, enjoy my profession and travel the world.
It is all about new experiences and the little beauties in life and photography opens that door for me!